Why use KBI

Why use Key Behaviour Indicators?

For the first time we have accurate, valid, objective data about the behaviours that drive performance. We can now measure the actions that drive current performance, the actions required to improve performance and the actions that hinder performance and waste energy.

Leadership is about influencing people to improve their performance and achieve better results. Leaders achieve this by influencing behaviour and effecting behaviour change. Leadership comes from all level in the organisation.

Behaviour Impacts Performance in three ways:

  1. It either sustains it
  2. accelerates it
  3. or hinders it.
  • Performance accelerating behaviour is directed at improving effectiveness, driving change and improvements, creating a vision and excitement.
  • Performance sustaining behaviour is directed towards improving efficiency, getting things done right, organising and standardising, maintaining quality.
  • Performance hindering behaviour is a reaction to a perceived threat in the workplace and manifests itself in three ways: flight, fight or submission. It has a contagious effect and is directly linked to stress. It accounts for all the wasted effort, the negative behaviours of people in their jobs.

There is no ideal set of behaviours for all organisations.  It depends on the situation. Leaders must get the balance right between performance accelerating behaviour and performance sustaining behaviours. Too much of one at the expense of the other is not good for either the individual or the organisation.

Research has shown that 80% of your performance are determined by a small number of actions. The Behaviour Technology  identifies, through a detailed questionnaire, those 20 or so actions that produce 80% of your current performance and those you think could improve your performance.