What we do

What we do

To be successful a company must create and exploit a truly unique strategic position in its industry. LeanUnlimited focuses on executing your strategy in a disciplined and systematic way.

To successfully execute a strategy requires clearly defined goals, value-added processes and a structure to measure and manage the performance behaviour and outputs of motivated staff. Business Performance is determined by the behaviour of people in an organisation – the things they do, the actions they take.

We look outside and inside your business. Outside: to ensure that your business offering is what your customer wants. Inside: to ensure that you have created, delivered and captured superior customer value at the best possible cost enabled by the ruthless and relentless elimination of waste.

Performance is a journey with distinctive stages. Experience has shown that if you try to improve business processes and activities before you prove their value, you will fail. It is not sustainable.


The current state must first be organised and standardised before any improvement efforts should be attempted. Maintain current activities before you try to attain new business levels.

Failure to do so results in erratic performance gains. Problem solving techniques always find that the root of performance failure at this stage is lack of standardised business processes.

The disciplined application of Lean instruments and techniques at this stage lays the foundation for all successful improvement efforts going forward. Sustain before you accelerate, prove before you improve.