Lean HPF


The Lean High Performance Framework (LeanHPF) is a systemic approach to organisational performance management and continuous improvement. LeanHPF takes a holistic approach to organisational transformation.

“This framework addresses all of the shortcomings of a traditional lean project implementation”

It was developed by Lean Unlimited to address the problem of organisations embarking on transformation programs that don’t deliver sustainable performance improvement. As a result of deploying lean transformation programmes over a number of years, it became evident that lean as an enabler will not sustain if critical foundation blocks are not in place or if key behaviours that drive performance are not understood or in place. This framework addresses all of the shortcomings of a traditional lean project implementation. The framework cannot be used as an a la carte implementation tool. It can only be used as a systematic implementation process that starts at the first pillar, works down through each pillar to ensure all elements of both Organisation and People are in place before proceeding to the next pillar. By working through the framework in this methodical way, the required foundation is put in place that enables the lean and behaviour elements to be jointly implemented. This addresses the key failing of transformation programmes historically. It is through this unique implementation approach, that organisations can achieve sustained performance improvement.