How we do it

How we do it

Research has shown that only 30% of transformation programmes deliver their anticipaited benefits. The tools and techniques of Lean are not enough in themselves to attain or sustain performance improvement.

“We have discovered a method, a proven technology that identifies, measures and manages the key behaviours (KBI) that drive the KPI’s. No one else can do this”.

Become a High Performance Organisation by matching staff behaviour to the requirements of their jobs. Effective behaviour is determined by the situation and measured by KBI’s.

Matching behaviour (what someone does) to the requirements of the job – its defined competencies, core values, results-driving actions – is the key to best job performance.

To improve performance you have to change your behaviour. People change because they want to, not because someone else wants them to.  They either change because they see the light or they feel the heat. Actions are measured to provide feedback and positive reinforcement. Without accurate feedback on their behaviour neither of these things is possible.

Asking people what they should do to improve performance is far more effective than telling them. But to get a clear answer requires sophisticated behavioural technology.