We are not satisfied with current best practice & standards, neither are you. You are continuously trying to improve performance, so are we.

“As High Performance Specialists we have developed a better way – a proven path to sustainable best practice that will help you become a high performance organisation by executing your strategy, getting the best out of your people and them getting the best out of you”.

Introducing KBIs – Key Behaviour Indicators

You may already engage in performance management systems that translate strategy into action using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on critical success factors. But most KPIs are measured by time consuming and subjective 360° type feedback, whereas you tell us what you need is accurate and objective data, and you need it fast!

We have closed this gap by using a proven methodology and technology that identifies and measures the specific Key Behaviour Indicators (KBIs) that drive and deliver individual KPIs.  Behaviours are actions, things that people do in performing their jobs, and matching employee behaviour to the requirements of their jobs is vital for best performance at all levels.

Find out more about how can bring your Performance Management Systems up to the next level and convert the soft stuff into hard data by using our KBI system.

What we do

LeanUnlimited focuses on executing your strategy in a disciplined and systematic way…
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How we do it

We have found a proven path to high performance, a way to measure & manage your performance behaviours…
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Why use KBI’s

For the first time we have accurate, valid, objective data about the behaviours that drive performance…
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